Internally illuminated LED Traffic Signs

Slim, Strong, Energy Saving

The advantages that remote control offers can make very significant savings.

The advantages that remote control offers can make very significant savings and provides invaluable and immediate information. The central switching on and off, rather than relying upon a simple photocell, ensures signs are all on at a predetermined time together, not an irregular switch on or off. Remote control also provides accurate feedback regarding the cost and amount of energy being used. Also, where required, could provide information regarding air quality in a particular area. In the event of sign failure the information would be immediately reported so that action could be taken to make a repair and ensure safety is maintained.

CMS also provides increasing opportunities for the gathering of information from streets. For example feedback to energy companies regarding the real time usage of energy assisting planning and distribution, again saving significant sums.

One2See signs can be supplied with the NEMA socket so that the selected CMS system can be fitted.

Past projects have utilised systems from Telensa, Mayflower, Harvard, Silver Spring, and Telematics. It is likely that future systems will also be compatible, and will be tested and added as they become available.

Over past years we have worked with customers to provide solutions that meet their requirements by manufacturing bespoke units ranging from 3m tall hooped bollards with triple signage for cycleways to 4m by 3m signs for roadways.

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"The City Council have been using internally illuminated LED signage for a number of years now, following a full market review to identify the qualities that Westminster required. The One2See range of internally illuminated product have proven to be efficient, effective and value for money supporting the City Council's teams in delivering a first class service."

Dave Franks, Westminster City Council
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