Internally illuminated LED Traffic Signs

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One single incident could easily cost more than the installation of well lit warning signs.

It seems that where bridges are low, drivers of high sided vehicles miss unlit or inadequate warnings and hit the bridge. Quite apart from the obvious danger to other road users and pedestrians the cost of such a strike is often very significant. One single incident could easily cost more than the installation of well-lit warning signs. Often the result includes closing a major and busy road for long periods with the railway line above also needing to be shut until structural inspection has confirmed that the bridge is safe to use. How simple then to avoid this by ensuring that adequate, clear signage is provided.

Our Solution

It is important to ensure that the driver's eye is attracted to the message as clearly and early as possible. By utilising internally lit LED signs the only light is directly on the sign face, exactly where it is needed, there is no glare or light spill. This results in the sign being seen at the earliest moment and any action needed by the driver can be taken in good time without a last minute panic or indeed no action being taken and hitting the bridge!

"Headroom at a Hazard" Boxes

There are some councils who go a stage further and request the provision of LED lit "Headroom at a Hazard" boxes to be provided with the sign. This really emphasizes the risk that low bridges present and ensures that the hazard is highlighted to the driver at the earliest possible moment in the clearest possible way and offers the very best chance of avoiding costly and dangerous outcomes.

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"The City Council have been using internally illuminated LED signage for a number of years now, following a full market review to identify the qualities that Westminster required. The One2See range of internally illuminated product have proven to be efficient, effective and value for money supporting the City Council's teams in delivering a first class service."

Dave Franks, Westminster City Council
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